Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Days...

Hey yow ho people..
I hope y'all doin great..
today i got so many works to do, but luckily i can fin all A.S.A.P, i'm just done with em...
so i hv spare time for blogging babes..
eventho so many works to do but today i'm feelin so great , 'n since yesterdae i felt so damn happy..
I felt like so many great things happened to me since yesterdae..
1st, ,my ordered stuff delivered yesterdae... woo hoo... (o^.^)o
then they said my BlackBerry will come in the next 2 weeks. 'n still i wish i can buy Nikon D3100.. *wow i can't wait to have it :p ...
then i also met my 1st puppy love again yesterdae *via FB.. we were apart like 8 years.. 'n it ticklish me coz that time we were stil a kid XDD... but i'm so damn happy  XDD...
then I chat with a photographer that will help me learning photography with Nikon DSLR, he even offer me to do coworking.. i'm so flattered since im so rookie, yet a pro ask me to coworking XDD..
'n another cool 'n funny photographer, she said that if we both meet in Universal Studio singapore, she'll take so many cute n funny pics of me there.. oh wow.. i cant wait to have a holiday der...
then.. My "what so called" brother Andre were listening to all my mind.. i shared him bot so many things... 'n what i love from him was his responses were always wo wise 'n mature, 'n positive, eventho i shared that i mad to someone but he didn't take side to anyone, really wise thought... n sharing with him made me relieves n comfort... thx bro... :P

ok then that's all da sharing time..

c ya babes..


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