Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just sharing a bit of Me

Happy Sundae ppl.....
todae i'm feeling kinda heavy, maybe coz of da period T_T
since yesterdae my heart beating randomly fast n it hurts so often, n in da nyt im gettin kinda shaky, as i know it was connected to my heart problems b4...
i knew that all that i felt b4 was d indication of period, i always hv to felt doz thingz on PMS
but i think i can get through it all with patient *i hope XDD
for more than a week i kinda hv so heavy thought in my head, but i owes try to keep it cool from evry1
'n i just tried to enjoy all stuffs around 'n create distraction as much as i can at least until i feel more ease XDD
eventho in my effort to create distraction der were still annoying ppl came around nowhere... -__-', ppl dat i wish can make me distracted but dey just create another annoyin thingz for me ..
d only thing that can really calm me was just my panda plushy "Princess Mori", seein her 'n play with her was always such a exciting thrill for me XDD *i'm stil a kid @ heart 'n attitude XDD
since I started werk in d office, i started to think bout what i gotta do next in my future, da tinz i wanna accomplish...
i was thinkin bot buying a DSLR, coz i wanna take good shots n join photography competition if possible, 'n a drawing pad or graphic tablet to create original designs, a sewing machine to make some clothes n accessories, 'n i wanna saving some bucks to have a trip to China to meet Panda panda panda, 'n to hv a trip to Japan, live there if possible XDD...
so many things i wana do.... aaaa can i accomplish em all?
ok enough with da sharing Linda.. now back to da business XDD

here some Panda Pictures, i hope evri1 will draw a wide smile evritym u saw these pics.. check 'em out

hihihiihi they r so kawaiii desu ne??

that's all folks
enjoy da night ^3

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday 20th

hellow evri1...
stil morning here in indo...
'n i'm in my office waiting 4 files to come on my desk :).... so while waitin let's killing time :D
this morning i woke up from a really nice dream, that is to good to be true n made me cried coz i realized it's just a dream T_T
i dreamt of my younger brother dat passed away in august last year :')...
da dream feels so real dat i even forgot that my brotha was passed away already.. huaaa T_T i miss him alot..
He is da most handsome guy in my life, nobody can compare (not even my ex'es or my friends) well only Tochie kun from Diru dat can compare his handsomeness :)), 'n then he's really smart, creative, can learn anitinz just in a blink of eyes.... he just having a bad temper 'n can't manage his anger n emotion, but he admit doz thinz to us...
Oh today also my big brotha B'dae... he was da vice versa of my younger brotha (if u no what i mean XDD)...

the song for today: My Heart Draws a Dream by L'Arc en Ciel, suddenly this songs goes around in my head today XDD

dats all minna...
c ya on da next post ^3

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You're One in A Million

Hey ho..
i'm at work now, but since nothin to do here, so i just postin blog for killing time...
i wanna post about 1 of my favorite song n video clip from Ne-yo da master of romance XDD
His song called One in a Million...

Hell yeah i love all da video concepts, 'n da lyric really nice... hahah..
i wish there will be 1 guy will do da exact things like Neyo did in da vid, singing 'n dancing  4 da lady... 
i will be so pleased XDD
I got that 1 guy dat sang for me, but he did that from videocall, so i said, "if u wanna impress me do it directly here in front of me, not from video call"... XDD.. i think he felt down already...
well then... finally i just wish me n my dance crew can do da choreography for this cool songs, couple dance will surely do.... i just cant wait..

oh yeah here some snapshots of DX Rebel Dance Crew in Honda Jazz Star 3 couple days ago...

that's all minnasan...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tiring Sunday - IBBI Edic Fair Dance Competition

Hello all..
Happy Sunday... :D
today me n my crew "Dx Rebel Crew" were performin dance in IBBI Edic Fair 'n Bazaar  with a  collaboration with IBBI Pro dancer...
b4 we perform, my fren suddenly ask me to become 1 of da judge for da dance competition in dat Edic Fair Event..
My part was judging n commenting da contestants costume, n fashion style...
Der were 6 dance crew dat bcome contestants today, dey were:
Kinniku Rocka, Bubble Dancer, XKV Crew, B. Loretta Crew, X2 Crew, 'n Famous Crew...

afta judging, i gotta rush to prepare da perform wit my frens, 'n damn 4 me, coz i hvn't practice at all 4 today perform, n i just got few minutes to prepare things, n practice awhile with 'em... @_@
i was so dizzy dat tym coz when judging i got da heat from da sun... so i hardly consent wit dat short practice.. but when it's done i felt relax until d MC said  "wait!! lets do battle dance with 1 of da dance contestant"... i just like ":O what?!?@_@ fiuhhh.... i hope it over soon"...

'n so it comes to da final decision, n i really dunno dat its so hard to decide da winner...
i really had a spiritual battle just to decide da winner, esp. d oda jugde dat oso my fren Rj has his own top 3 winners in his judging sheet with da score points dat were kinda different from me...
but den we accumulate all da score points den found out da winners..
#1 Famous Crew
#2 Kinniku Rocka
#3 XKV Crew
I hope that's da best decision, and i hope no 1 complain with our decisions XDD
'n congrats 4 all da winners, hope every1 happy XDD

well den ..
dats all 4 today...
c ya next tym..
i'm feelin so clipi now..
nyt nyt |-) zzzz...


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