Thursday, December 10, 2015

Can't Save Game in Tales of Zestiria : Problem Solved

few days ago I was so anxious about this Tales Of Zestiria (TOZ) problem thing.
I just freshly installed Windows boot camp on my mac,
& then I installed Steam, & I also copy Tales of Zestirias on my fresh windows boot camp.
I login on steam online then I set it to offline login, then I install Visual C++ Redistributable (vcredist) & DirectX.....
after that then I tried to run TOZ exe, and it seems to go well, until I reach the Save Point to save my game, I right clicked mouse, I change the button, then I use my game pad, & none of those attempts worked for me....
I get so confuse because nothing happened every time I tried to save the game on every save point I met.
I search online to see if there any solution for this but i found nothing......
then i tried to move on by installing FFXIII , after installation, i try to run the game,
but it said I can't run the game because of Missing Component which is Net Framework 3.5.
At this point, i get so curious, maybe this is the problem all this time, including TOZ that can't saving game.
So, I completely delete TOZ, and install the Net Framework 3.5, and t
hen I installed/ fresh copy the TOZ game back to my windows.
I run the FFXIII first, it went well, then I run TOZ, it went well, & i tried to save at save point.... and Yay.... it works....!!!
so the dumbest problem is just because I haven't completely installed all the windows components needed to run some apps or game. Remember to Install Visual C++ Redistributable (latest), DirectX (latest), and Net Framework 3.5 / or other series that compatible with your OS.

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